Leading Manufacturer & Exporter of  Riceada | Palada | Piece Parotta | Vermicelli | Appalam | Muruku | Asafoetida in India about 40 years.

Riceada Pradhaman

Riceada Pradhaman is a form of Pasta resembling “Fettuccine” which is manufactured from rice flour. This Product is mainly for Kerala people. They Prefer this type of pasta for all festivals. They make Ada Pradhaman which is a sweet recipe. In ancient days Kerala people make the Rice Ada  By steaming the rice flour in huge vessels. We bought the Same quality of  Rice Ada readily available for them.


Palada Pradhaman

We also manufacture Palada Pradhaman, especially for the Kerala people. It is prepared like a Kheer mixed up with milk, Cashew nuts, Cardamom, Sugar, or jaggery and gives the wonderful tasty Amrit of Kheer. They make Palada Pradhaman which is a sweet recipe. We bought the Same quality of  Rice Ada readily available for them.

Instant Chilli Parotta

Instant Chilli Piece Parotta which is manufacture with maida flour have rock in our madurai city. You feel tasty,spicy and crunchy when you taste it. You can prepare it within 3 minutes instantly. The preparation method is also given at the backside cover of our product. Most of the madurai people desire to prepare Instant Piece parotta for their family for instant food in their fast moving world.



We manufacture, export, distribute and supply South Indian Appalam (Papad) in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. We offer delectable ready to cook south Indian Appalams. It is very crispy & tasty in its nature. Our appalams are a delicious south Indian delicacy in bite size. We prepare it in an Export certified quality mixed with the pure raw materials. These type of appalam are handmade under Hygienic conditions. It shall be prepared in various sizes ranging from 3.5 to 6 inches. We also undertake private labeling services.


In India and other countries of the Indian Subcontinent, Vermicelli is known by various local names such as, seviyan or semiyan in Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi, vaLavaT/ shevaya in Marathishemai in Bengali, sev in Gujarati, shavige in Kannada, sevalu or semiya in Telugu, and semiyain Tamil and Malayalam. The noodles are used in a number of dishes including a variation of kheer, a sweet dessert similar to rice pudding. Vermicelli are also used in many parts of India to make a popular dish called upma. To prepare it, dry oil-roasted vermicelli are boiled with a choice of vegetables.



Murukku is a savoury, crunchy Indian snack. The snack originated in the Tamil Nadu state, and its name derives from the Tamil word for “twisted” (Tamil: முறுக்கு), which refers to its shape. Murukku is popular all over India, and also in other countries where Tamil diaspora is present: Sri Lanka, Singapore and Malaysia.

Murukku is typically made from rice flour and urad dal flour. It is sometimes called “chakli”; chakli is a similar dish, typically made with an additional ingredient, bengal gram (chickpea) flour.